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Our team of experienced consultants are eager to assist you with your tenement aspirations. Our highly tailored and cost-effective service is unparalleled in the industry, and we are thorough and meticulous in our handling of your valued assets.

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Ground acquisition

Meeting the regulatory requirements to ensure a valid tenement application lodged, is the first step in establishing a stable foundation for all exploration and mining projects. 

Management and reporting

Tenements are critical for any exploration and mining projects, and tenement management is the key to ensuring continuity of the projects. 

Wardens Court and Native Title Matters

The Wardens Court and the Native Title Process can be lengthy and complicated; however, Aurora Tenement Consulting can ensure resolution in a prompt and timely manner with our expert and unparalleled advice.

Land Access and approvals

Guided by thorough research, we provide landholder information and partake in land access negotiations. In conjunction with this, we assist in gaining work approvals, licenses, permits, and alike.

Sale and Purchase

Our specialist team will help to grow your portfolio through thorough due diligence monitoring of prospective projects. Aurora Tenement will further assist in the preparation and lodgment of transfer duty assessments, title transfers and removal of caveats.

Shadow Management

We can assist in monitoring the compliance of non-managed tenements to protect your interest. We are also flexible and will accommodate request relates to in-house managed tenements.