Ground Acquisition

Meeting the regulatory requirements to ensure a valid tenement application lodged, is the first step in establishing a stable foundation for all exploration and mining projects. 

  • Use online portals and mapping systems and advise on ground availability, conditions, and restriction in relation to title applications under each jurisdiction.
  • Monitoring service on interested area and advise when the best opportunity arises to acquire land, at the earliest possible time
  • Prepare and lodge tenement applications efficiently and accurately
  • Liaisons with various Government Departments including the Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Services 
  • Follow through the assessment and approval process and provide information as required. 

Management and Reporting

Tenements are critical for any exploration and mining projects, and tenement management is the key to ensuring continuity of the projects. 

  • Day to day title management to ensure statutory obligations are met in terms of reporting, expenditure, rents and fees, and other conditions attached to the tenements.
  • Prepare expenditure reports, annual technical/exploration reports, partial relinquishment reports, final reports, Mining Rehabilitation Fund Reporting and Environmental Reports.
  • Apply for expenditure exemption or variation of title conditions.
  • Apply for combined reporting or project status in various states.
  • Lodge extension of term/renewal, surrender and partial surrender applications.

Wardens Court and Native Title Matters

The Wardens Court and the Native Title Process can be a lengthy and complicated processes; however, Aurora Tenement Consulting can ensure resolution through a prompt and timely manner with our expert and unparalleled advice.

  • Provide advice on Native Title and heritage matters.
  • Coordination of heritage agreements negotiation and attend National Native Title Tribunal Status Conference.
  • Manage objections, forfeitures and other matters and attend Wardens Court hearings.
  • Administration of agreements and obligations.

Land Access and Approvals

  • Provide landholder information through searches and assist in land access negotiations.
  • Assist in obtaining work approvals and other require licences/permits.

Sale and Purchase

  • Provide due diligence review of prospective projects.
  • Prepare and lodge Transfer Duty Assessment with Office of State Revenue in various jurisdictions.
  • Lodge transfers of titles (including farm-in agreements), and lodgement or removal of caveats.

Shadow Management

We can assist in monitoring the compliance of non-managed tenements to protect your interest. We are also flexible and will accommodate request relates to in-house managed tenements. 

  • Monitoring third party tenements subject to royalty agreements.
  • Monitoring non-managed Joint-Venture tenements.
  • Compliance and auditing services for in-house managed titles.
  • Any ad-hoc and/or one-off services in relation to tenement management.